i'm danny! as you can guess from the everything about this site, i like ghosts. i also like tabletop games, cartoons, horror movies, and talking about myself! this is a place for any and all of my thoughts, opinions, and passions to live.

i make all kinds of weird art and have a whole online Image for that, but that's not what i want this site to be for. here is a place where i don't want to worry about presenting myself as anything resembling a "Content Creator".

i have lots to say about my experiences in my art, but this isn't my art! this is where i talk about which Animorphs aliens i think are Objectively the hottest, or my own personal worldbuilding for Danny Phantom, a cartoon that is to canon worldbuilding as la croix is to real fruit.

ectoplasm splatters

here you'll find a media journal where i record what kind of things i've been into lately, a special interest zone with specific thoughts about specific things, rambles about metaphors/media/life philosophies that mean a lot to me and why they do, and whatever else i wanna smack on here. the ghost zone is my oyester and i am the haunted pearl at its center!

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ectoplasm splatters